Hospitality Furniture Moving & Storage

Hospitality Furniture

New construction and remodeling projects can be exciting, but when it’s time for a hotel, inn or other form of lodging to redecorate or remodel, it can quickly become a logistical nightmare. With hundreds of rooms filled with multiple types of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) that need to be moved and replaced, ranging from sets of sleeping, living and entertaining furniture as well as food preparation and service and office essentials, an experienced team of FF&E Installation and Disposition experts is needed to ensure the project is handled quickly, efficiently and without issue.

Our Project Manager will assemble the right size team for your job. Each one of our team members are highly skilled and have been trained through the “PPP” (ProCare Proactive Playbook) of each manufacturer’s specifications.

Our Project Manager will coordinate the installation, taking into account the project schedule, corridor and elevator access, loading zones and staging areas. The installation team will carry the plan through to your expectations by protecting floor and wall surfaces, accommodating employees and guests in the area, and completing the installation to your specification.

Every installation is thoughtfully planned and orchestrated from original plan to final departure. Our work is not complete until all of the furniture is level, adjusted, and cleaned by our team.