Academic Relocation Moving & Storage services

Whether you’re renovating your current school, moving to a new school, or just reorganizing, ProCare can create tailored moving solutions to help you move with minimal risk to your schools belonging , assets and reputation.

With ProCare you have the moving experience, the knowledge, the trained professionals, and the equipment to get you and your colleagues moved with the least amount of disruption or hassle.

Academic items such as: Desks, chairs, work tables, dorm furniture, shelving, artwork and decor, computers and electronics, workstations, cpu’s, high density file systems, computer labs, computer servers, computers,racks and components, printers and fax machines, data centers, Libraries and rare book collections, modular systems.

Academic Moving Services

  • Planning and coordination with trained teams experienced in educational industry related moving services for schools and universities
  • OMA certified moving crews
  • Complete and phased relocation programs
  • Logistic planning and budget controls
  • Training and tips, and packaging and assistance for teachers, professors, and staff
  • Easy-to-understand labeling system, maximizing efficiency
  • Modular systems disassembly and installation
  • Library relocation services
  • Custom packaging and crating
  • Special trucks designed for sensitive items
  • Unpacking and Uncrating
  • Post move services; debris removal
  • Old electronics removal and disposal, recycling where possible compliant with federal, state and your policies
  • Storage with 24hr security, and climate controlled areas
  • Complete electronic disconnect and reconnect of computer labs.
  • Rolling Machine Carts to limit handling of high value electronics
  • Science laboratory relocation services with trained technical crews
  • Receive, store,deliver, and install new furniture and dormitory furniture