Commercial Office Movers Portland | Moving & Storage

At ProCare, one of our areas of expertise is in conducting office moves. Our commercial relocation specialists can handle any size office relocation. From a small 10 person shop moving two blocks down the street to an international, commercial headquarters moving to another state, our team of professional office movers has the experience and expertise to ensure your relocation runs smoothly.

When you choose ProCare as your office moving company, you will be partnered with one of our relocation specialists. Working closely with your office move coordinator, our relocation specialist will ensure that every aspect of your move is planned in advance. You will have the peace of mind that comes from working with professional, well trained staff that are a part of a family owned and operated business.

Our documented processes and hands-on training ensure that we provide the best quality office relocation services available. Our office relocation work-force is entirely made up of full-time well trained employees. Every office mover on our team is a trained professional who participates in on-going training as they advance through the company. The ProCare team will ensure your move comes in on time and on budget.

We handle the following relocation services:

Tenant Improvement Project Support

ProCare provides internal and external move services and planning for tenant improvements. ProCare works with Furniture Dealerships and Construction companies to handle any size Tenant Improvement Project. ProCare has years of experience for everything from furniture replacement to exact locations along with existing furniture reconfigurations.

Move Management 

Helping companies with the necessary actions to help manage an efficient and stress free move internally or far. Our team of professionals will make sure the job is done right from start to finish.

Strategic Consulting

Helping with the entire process of a move. Taking the stress off the shoulders of the business and allowing the ProCare team to be able make sure that every aspect of the move is handled in a timely and professional manner.

Space Planning and Design

Allowing Procare to use our design team we will ensure that when it comes to a future reconfigure or full furniture layout we will be able to make the entire process easier and more efficient from start to finish.

Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture

When it comes to system furniture it can be extremely difficult. Our installers are professionally trained to be able to adapt and overcome all brands and systems when it comes to office furniture.

Personal Content Move

We will gladly make any move happen from a corporation location to a personal office.

Tenant Improvement 

Over time offices need some TLC. Our team is trained for the obstacles and when the time comes for whatever is needed we will be here for you.

Internal/Reconfigure & Move

We are glad to provide services for what it takes to make an internal reconfigure or move happen. Our trained staff will be efficient and effective to make sure it gets done right.

Computer/Electronics move

With the proper equipment on standby the ProCare can move all computers and electronics in a safe and orderly fashion.